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We provide a high quality, service based, professionally instructed Yoga teacher training program,
dedicated to empowering YOU to practice, understand and teach the eight-fold path of Yoga.


200 hour Yoga Teacher Training

Enrollment is easy:

Just choose your program date
Download, complete and return your application. (the pdf file is located above)
Email your application to
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Print, complete and mail your application,
together with your tuition payment (unless paid through paypal).

Please mail all correspondence and paperwork to
Kula Kamala Foundation
attn: 200YTT enrollment
17 Basket Rd
Alsace PA 19606

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START DATE END DATE TUITION (includes residence)
February 2/1/19 2/28/19 $2499.00 plus $100 app fee
April 4/1/19 4/28/19 $2499.00 plus $100 app fee
July 7/1/19 7/28/19 $2499.00 plus $100 app fee



Every Sunday 8am-8pm


8 service hours to be completed on choice of 2 First Saturdays (4 hrs seva each day)



TUITION (does not include residence)




$2499.00 plus $100 app fee

Fall (no class 11/24)



$2499.00 plus $100 app fee

Month-long modules must be completed in a single stay.

The daily schedule is organized so that the students receive the upmost quality teachings, while still having a reasonable amount of personal study time.

Typically, the day will run 6:30am to 9pm. Please note there are hourly breaks during the longer sessions:

Arrive by 5pm on day one. The final day is graduation and is usually concluded just after lunch.


5pm Dinner
6pm Opening session


6:00am - 6:45am morning japa meditation
7:00am - 8:30am AM practice
9:00am - 11am session one
11am - 12pm lunch

12pm - 1:00pm silent assignment

1:00pm - 3:30pm session two
3:30pm - 5pm PM practice
5pm - 6pm dinner/open time
6pm - 8:00pm session three


6:00am - 6:45am morning japa meditation
7:00am - 8:30am AM practice
8:30am - 9:45am dormitory cleanup
10am graduation
12pm - lunch

There are some days where the schedule shifts and changes a bit but this is the general structure that we work to follow.

Students have one day per week daytime 8:30am (after morning practice) - 6pm (return for evening session)
as free time during the program. We also plan at least one field trip.

The ashram is located in Reading PA, Berks Co.


Philadelphia International Airport is a little over an hour away. Lehigh Valley International Airport is closer but may have limited flights.


You can arrange the shuttle or a car from the airport on your own. Their fees are on their website:


Take the train from Philadelphia at 30th St Station - 2955 Market St to the Intercity Bus Terminal at 20 North 3rd Street in Reading PA and then taxi to the Ashram


Take the Amtrak bus from Philadelphia at 30th St Station - 2955 Market St to the Intercity Bus Terminal at 20 North 3rd Street in Reading PA and then taxi to the Ashram




Kula Kamala Foundation provides affordable, high-quality training in the teaching and practice of yoga, a complement of holistic therapies and lifestyle. Yoga has been scientifically proven to have several benefits including stress reduction, greater focus and clarity, and overall improved health and happiness.


During this training students will study yoga ethics, asana, meditation, pranayama (breath work), history and philosophy, the use of sound (chanting) and visualization in healing and holistic therapy, anatomy, pathology, the importance of alignment, yoga psychology, energy, and basic Sanskrit (the language of yoga).

Participants will learn basic principles for effective teaching, how to work effectively with beginner and intermediate practitioners as well as individuals with common health concerns. Effective adjustments, how and when to use props, how to create a safe environment for your students and for yourself, sequencing of classes, the importance of your personal practice, and how to manifest your inner teacher are also topics of study.

Start or continue your Yoga journey with seasoned teachers who are highly educated and continuously dedicated to serving and working in the area of yoga, yoga therapy and spirituality. If you seek to move beyond the idea of Yoga as a mere physical practice; if you are inspired by the healing potential of love, compassion and community; if you realize that there is more to Yoga than meets the eye; if you see the need for 99% of people to slow down and become more mindful, rather than speed up their already stressed out nervous systems... then this is a training you should consider. If you are interested to know where and how Yoga originated, how to incorporate the study of the yoga scriptures so they have potent meaning in your modern life, if you wish to begin or continue a fuller investigation... then this is a training that you should be seriously considering.

We have been working for nearly a decade to offer teachers in training an amazing program robust with wisdom and knowledge and formatted to educate on the importance of an individualized practice making teachers more aptly prepared to address their own and their students' needs in a professional, safe, loving environment.

Your Yoga. Your Journey. Our Oneness.

Contact the ashram for more information 484-509-5073

We look forward to working with you as you embark on this exciting, life-changing journey!



You may cancel your enrollment contract, in writing only, at any time prior to 14 days before the start date of the program. Such a timely cancellation will entitle the student to a refund of any tuition paid less a $250 administrative fee and less their $100 application fee. The application fee is non-refundable and is not counted toward tuition. In the event of a dispute over timely notice, the burden rests with the student to prove they submitted the proper request in a timely manner. There are NO refunds for any tuition paid if the student withdraws during the fourteen days prior to the start date of the course, or at any time once the course has begun.




I am so grateful to have studied with Sudha Allitt. She is filled with such a vast amount of knowledge. This, my friends, is the real deal. (Saguna 200RYT and a current 300TYT student)

My 200YTT at the Kula Kamala Foundation with Sudha and Ed Allitt was an amazing journey. I learned more about myself in that short time than in many years on my own. Sudha is with you every step of the way, cultivating that thirst for knowledge. Questions are answered and new questions discovered, it's an adventure that will not disappoint. My sangha sisters are some of my closest friends and I would not have wanted to miss one single moment. If you have the opportunity to study at the Kula Kamala Ashram under this wonderfully wise teacher, don't miss it! (Donna Darshani Cherubini RYT200)

I started YTT three years ago, when my professional life hit a crisis point. I'd always thought teaching Yoga would be "fun", but I wasn't aware at the time that the path I was veering onto would be one that would change my life so much for the better. Through the study of yogic philosophies, health-care and physical practice, I began to emerge as a more grounded individual, able to handle life differently. I discovered I have a voice of my own, one that's strong and clear, full of compassion and reason... One that continues to grow as my discipline expands. I'm able to manage my life without buying into the drama outside forces want to bring in, and am accepting of myself in a way I never thought possible. I've since completed my 500 hr level training and am currently enrolled in the 870 TYT program, delving deeper into the psychology and sociology of the practice. I work part-time as a Yoga instructor and as an in-home Yoga Therapist which is one of the most fulfilling things I've ever done. I've made friends for a lifetime through the process, friends on a heart level. My path is ever-winding and I'm so grateful for the love and support I've gotten through my YTT and TYT experiences. I am where I am supposed to be, and it's nice to be home. (Madhurya Devi graduated the kula-kamala-yoga 200YTT and 500YTT and is currently enrolled in the Kula Kamala Foundation 870PYT)

In life, randomly we find something that truly makes us happy to our core. I am one of the lucky to have found that. I came across Kula Kamala by word of mouth and saw they were holding a Yoga teacher training. So I made the decision to reach out. Sudha called me back within hours. After speaking to her, I knew this is where I needed to be. Upon entering the Shala, I felt the love that is Kula Kamala. The atmosphere was filled with gratitude, patience and love. The teachings we received were nothing short or expectation. Sudha and fellow teachers were thorough and precise. They allowed time for questions and discussion. Upon completion of the training I began teaching publicly. I had a student ask me "how long have you been doing this, your are so knowledgable?" I replied with a smile, knowing that Kula Kamala provided me with more then enough. Thank you to the Shala, to Sudha to Ramchandra for your guidance. My life's work has just begun and I am elated to have their guidance. (Kevin J. Corey graduated the kula-kamala-yoga 200YTT)

The decision to become a yoga teacher was the easy part. Finding the YTT program that was right for me was much more difficult. I spent a great deal of time comparing programs and weighing the pros and cons. Especially because I entered training at an older age, I wanted to find a school that welcomed students of all ages and abilities. I chose the 200 YTT program offered by the Kula Kamala Foundation because of its warm and welcoming attitude as well as its emphasis on applying yoga practice in all aspects of life. The program offered a balance of all eight limbs of yoga rather than simply focusing on how many poses one was able to master. The teachers and mentors were true role models and my fellow students became my sangha, my community. Because of my work with special needs students, I was also attracted to the emphasis on developing a yoga practice that is accessible to all who come to class regardless of ability. My studies challenged me, not only to become a teacher, but to grow as a person. As I begin my teaching, I am grateful every day for the opportunity I had to study with Sudha. (Jamey B.)

I am so thankful that I took my co-worker's advice to study yoga at Kula Kamala. The atmosphere, fellow yogis and teachers are all so welcoming and humble. Immediately I felt like I had some sort of belonging and place to feel safe in a state that I recently made home. Sudha, Ed and all of the teachers challenged and inspired me and ultimately made me a better teacher. The lectures were open dialogue in a space that was non-judgmental and healing. The physical teachings were challenging but transformative. I am truly grateful for all that I've learned from my time in my 200YTT, for learning from Sudha and the other incredible teachers, and for all of the incredible women I met in my class. (Ashley C.)

I had wanted to go back to yoga for some time but had health issues and felt lost when I went into other yoga studios. No one really looked to see if I needed help and I felt invisible. Whether you were ever in a vulnerable situation where you were trying to regain your health or already just love yoga and are feeling fine, under Sudha's guidance you will accomplish what you set your mind to and have the support that you need. She was always kind with my concerns regarding my health issues and my practice in general. I learned so much and with her encouragement have continued my studying of Yoga as well as the physical aspect of my practice. No one will keep you safer during your practice and teach you more about alignment and anatomy/physiology and philosophy of yoga. It was life altering in such a positive and affirming way. I also am blessed now with an incredible yoga family. The bonds you create during YTT stay with you and the support is just wonderful. I would do it a hundred times over. Sudha is extremely intelligent and well versed on so many aspects of yoga that I could sit and listen to her talk about yoga all day long. She lives her Yoga and teaches you to open your mind and see the world with different perspectives. Amazing journey that anyone could greatly benefit from. The journey continues........Namaste (Eileen H.B.)

The decision to earn my 200-hour Yoga teaching certificate at Kula Kamala, under the guidance of Sudha Allitt was absolutely life altering. Not only through her amazing teaching ability and patience, but also by her very presence, I learned the true meaning of yoga. Yes, I acquired the skills to be a knowledgeable and confident yoga teacher, but I also walked away with so much more. Every moment of every day has changed for me. Thanks to Sudha and Ed and all of the other wonderful teachers who gave their time and talents to help me, I am a more thoughtful and compassionate human being. (Sharon K.)

If you are fortunate enough that the chance to study yoga with Sudha Allitt presents itself, don't miss the opportunity. The 200 YTT with Sudha deepened my personal practice tremendously and laid a solid groundwork for me to instruct others. It was an amazing, transformative, and healing journey. Sudha is incredibly knowledgeable in yoga and ayurveda and I am very grateful to have learned from the best! (Carol T.)