Patanjali Sutra 1.2

PYS 1.2 Yogas Chitta Vritti Nirodhah

Yoga is the cessation of the mindstuff.

This sutra by Patanjali explains completely what Yoga is. It is not anything you do, not in the largest sense of the word. It is not the moment by moment attempts to live a satisfying life. It is not the struggle to stand on your head or achieve the perfect chaturanga. It is not even the random acts of kindness you commit. Yoga is a balanced quality of mind, which each of us has the potential to carry while engaged in living the particular life you are living. No matter what comes your way. No matter the attainment or the loss you experience. Yoga is the balanced or pure quality of the mind that opens the heart to serving, surrendering and knowing one's own unity with the Divine and with all beings everywhere.

Buddha and many other great teachers have said "humans suffer." It is true. That is what we do. The quality of our suffering is extrapolated one-thousand fold due to the tendency of the mind to replay, rehash and resort to the "story" we carry.

Patanjali's Sutra 1.2 explains that the true Yoga exists only when the mind is peaceful. Not necessarily empty, but peaceful, unfluctuating, not irritated, not caught up in retelling the story...

Not easy. And that is okay because we are not meant to be perfect in that way. Our life is a series of struggles, on purpose, so we can re-discover the method to resolving our actions, one at a time, until we make peace with all we have done and not done. Until we make peace with ourselves. It is only then that we will be able to truly be at peace with all others, including the "others" whose names currently fill our storybooks with details and dramas...

Yoga is the cessation of the mindstuff.

Learn more about Patanjali and his words of wisdom. He didn't stop at the simple definition of Yoga found in Sutra 1.2. He goes on to explain to the interested student just how to achieve that state of peace.

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