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Photo Poster Big 2

(by Sudha Allitt 6/28/16)
Don't use words to harm.
Don't use words that promote harm.
Don't use words that trigger fear.
Understand your choice of words
can hit harder than your fist.
Be full in knowing you know little to nothing
of the depth of the pain of yourself.
How could you possibly know
the pain of another?
Don't use words that further avoid that knowing.
Be humble and soft.
Be healing for the world.
Be like peace.
Be peace.


Equanimity in Relationships

It is important to understand that you can not make everyone happy. It is best to simply bring equanimity to your relationships as best you can. Equanimity is based on non-harming. Non-harming of others and non-harming of yourself. That is a tricky balance. Sometimes people feel they are owed more than they are. Sometimes they feel they have been short changed in life or in a relationship. The basis of all such thought is the desire to feel important and the fear that we are not. The desire to feel right. To feel justified. Fear calls people to say untrue, cruel and thoughtless things and make unreasonable demands because there is a mistaken belief that if you get what you want it will be a means to finding happiness. This is not a balanced perspective. While we would like everyone to be "happy" the reality is they won't become happy on account of us or our actions, because you can not make them that way. It must come from inside of themselves, from their own sense of presence, appreciation, gratitude, compassion, contentment and sincere joy. So sometimes that means walking away from the drama. Not from the person. From the drama. Sometimes it means to stay and listen closely to what is actually being said and work to respond in a balanced neutral way. Rarely does it mean to stand your ground with aggression. Never does it mean harm out of anger, disappointment or grudge... Live a life that is insightful. Be inquisitive of your own nature and then be a kinder person. Not a doormat, a kinder person... less reaction, more compassion. There are enough bullies and hatemongers in the world. Start a new trend... or just re-invigorate an ancient one... Love.