(by Sudha Allitt 4/9/2017)

today I embark on a journey
destination unknown
path unclear
weather unpredictable
no amount of thinking it over provides refuge
only surrender to Divine Love can do that
not the silly love that requires only some part of you
rather an immensity that requires all of you
yes, obstacles are abundant
sun, moon, rain, snow, heat, cold, day, night
no matter no fear no doubt
i will be sheltered by Your Light
a path becomes clear as you walk it
a day becomes lived as you live it
a truth becomes known as you embrace it
you do not need to become
you simply are
the reason a path exists
you are the journey
each footstep is placed softly
every breath breathed slowly
inherently knowing
it is you i walk upon
it is you i sing to
it is you i cry to
it is you i journey to
it is you who heals the broken-ness of hearts
calling us all home
always & in every moment
om shanti shanti shanti