a simple reflection on a complicated subject
by Sudha Allitt 2/11/18


The Divine Feminine is many things... She is the inherent creativity and compassion that flows through all of creation and that we carry in ourselves as people regardless of our sex/gender. All people have the influence of the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine inside of them. The masculine is logical. The feminine is associated with curves and is often illogical (not to be misunderstood as unintelligent as She is Genius). The masculine is stable. The feminine is often associated with flexibility and mobility (here meaning mental, emotional, etc. not so much physical although maybe). The masculine is hard and has rigid boundaries. The feminine is the opposite of those things. When we look at a patriarchal society, a society influenced mostly by the masculine, we are saying the feminine aspects of ourselves, our culture, our laws, our approach to life take a back seat to the masculine aspects. Logic becomes more valued than creativity. Defensiveness becomes more valued than vulnerability and accessibility. Rigidity becomes more valued than fluidity. Blame is more highly valued than compassion. Hate and distrust are more highly valued than love. Chaos and complexity is more highly valued than peace and simplicity. In spirituality, as it is stated in many traditions, especially Yoga, the Divine Mother embodies and is the essence of these feminine qualities. Although in truth she embodies all qualities, but that is a longer conversation. To be brief, Her application of strength is more aligned with power whereas the masculine application of strength is more in line with force. (Great read: Power vs. Force). So is the Divine Feminine an entity? Yes and No. It depends on what you need from Her and how you choose to see Her. She is called by many names: Durga, Kali, Mary, Hecate, Luna, Earth, Diana, and many many others. She is the Mother of the Universe, She is the Cosmic Consciousness, the Essence of Nature, the power that exists in and around all things everywhere, She is change, She is also compassionate discipline. She is many things. She is all things. She is Love and Compassion and Clarity. Clarity... such a great conversation.




To embrace the Divine Feminine is to practice compassion, be open to your own creative self and expressing that in the way that brings you joy, balance and peace. To embrace is to rethink where you may be rigid in life and try on a different approach, perhaps one that is more flexible and that allows for the bigger picture to be seen. If you are too flexible already then to embrace the Divine Feminine would be to work on clarity, and acceptance while remaining committed to your own self empowerment work. There are so many things a person can do, but it starts with something as simple as answering the question "what is working, what is not" or "what in my life is harmful, what is not" and then acting and intending to re-establish balance where necessary, to minimize harm where possible and as much as possible. You could stop there, with lifestyle and a focus on greater joy, peace and self integration. You can take it to the next level and actively cultivate a sacred relationship through prayer, mantra, ritual, and perspective. As a child I loved to pray to Mary. That was the start of my relationship with the Divine Mother. Now I call Her by many names: Shakti, Durga, Kali, Mary... it all depends on what I feel I need to rebalance on a given day and to awaken a sense of my self that is empowered, strong, and ok to be me, BUT which is also of meaningful service to others, to those who are struggling. Swami Sivananda said "be good, do good" That would also be a great place to start.




To know Her "feels" joyful, peaceful, sorrowful, full, empty, exhilarating, inspiring, lonely, complete... it runs the gamut of emotions. It is not happy happy giggly smiles all the time. It is sometimes tumultuous and disconcerting. At other times it is radiant and full of beauty. There is nothing that is not Her. At all times, knowing Her carries a REVERENCE and a HUMBLE HONORING. She opens ours minds to seeing the play of the imbalanced ego and the suffering it can cause. She also opens us to recognize the beauty. Kinda like when you see a butterfly breaking free from its cocoon, or when you watch the stars in the sky with awe... You know something destructive had to happen in order to produce something so very beautiful.


The "feeling" is, as She is, quite diverse and continues in its evolution toward a high level of unconditional acceptance.


If you would like to learn more about the Divine Feminine and are ever in our area stop by. Sudha has been practicing Her Bhakti (devotion) and studying and living Her wisdom for over 30 years and teaches on the subject regularly. Sudha also has several recorded satsangs (spiritual teachings) recorded free here: https://www.youtube.com/user/kulakamalayoga


Blessings of Peace & Abundant Joy. Jai Ma.