What Yoga Alliance's New Stance on Yoga Therapy Actually Means

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Sudha talks to Jeremy Grunin about the essence of the service of Kula Kamala Foundation. Sudha to Jeremy, "I think you speak faster than I do... and that is the way the mind usually works. Its constantly in over-drive. Tons of stories. Tons of thoughts. Tons of ideas. Most of which are actually not high vibration. Most of which are full of doubt, full of self questioning, full of fear for many people. At one point when you came back on air you slowed down, and you started to talk at a pace that was calm and comfortable and that's what Yoga teaches us to do and that's what we are teaching the kids how to do is to bring their mind from a place that is high speed, that is full of thoughts that seem chaotic and out of control, and that cause impulsive behaviors and we are giving them tools to bring themselves into a place where they can think more calmly, behave more calmly and more rationally, and interact more appropriately with their community, whether that community be at school or at home or with friends"

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Students can now apply online for their 200YTT, 300TYT or 870PYT. Just choose the appropriate program link below to learn about the program and start your application. Kula Kamala Foundation, where education is inspired, healing, spiritually based and always professional.

Start Singing

by Sudha (12/8/15)

this moment offers
a brief quiet space
amidst the coming and going
of thoughts and distractions

fleeting and narrow
the heart is easily broken
like the line of migratory birds
sweeping through a late autumn sky

nonexistent retoric
intention stays just long enough
to be a mystery, a healing
and a frustration

to think back on better days
is to recall the tragedy or victory
of surviving one thing
or falling at the feet of something else

where am I in all this
a pillar to a post to a pillar
or just a journey between the two
past to future then past again
then or then... why never now

stop thinking
stop thinking
stop thinking
slow down
start singing
Hari OM Hari OM Hari Hari Hari OM

Swami Sivananda on What is Means to be a Yogi

Swami Sivananda said: a yogi should be grounded in ahimsa (non-harming), sauca (mental cleanliness) and should be arjavena (with straightforward behavior), and always with their mind to the Divine, if you dedicate all your thoughts as prayers to the One and then your suffering will end.


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870PYT Accreditation

Hari OM!

On June 6, 2015, the radiant Liz Bahr stopped by the IAYT Awards Ceremony in Newport Beach CA to pick up our official certificate of accreditation for our 870 hours Professional Yoga Therapy program.

Professional Yoga Therapy take the techniques of Yoga to medical and mental health environments and to people living with physical, mental or emotional concerns, in a way that offers healing to the whole person. The program moves beyond the basic education of a 200 and 300 level training and provides the necessary tools to work alongside and communicate effectively with other health and wellness professionals.

We are now one of only twenty schools worldwide to achieve accreditation. The process was not an easy one as the accrediting committee is asking for a very high standard of education, one that is necessary for Yoga Therapists to work effectively alongside doctors, medical and mental health specialists and to work mindfully with clients and students in a way that offers the deepest possible healing through the most sacred and with the safest of approaches. We are honored to be offering our 870 hours kula-kamala-yoga Professional Yoga Therapy Certification program to individuals who have completed 200YTT and are interested in continuing their journey into the realm of YOGA as a professional healing art.

Hari Om Hari Om Hari Hari Hari OM.

To learn more about our professional training programs contact the ashram 484-509-5073 or the shala 732-309-6787.





RELAXATION is something we all need more of. Most of us don't realize (or we ignore the fact) that if we do not rest appropriately the systems of the body can not function properly. Continued exhaustion can lead to adrenal fatigue, and even death in some extreme cases. We live in a 24/7 world and that creates a lot of stress. You owe it to your body and mind to purposefully relax. You can achieve this through Yoga Nidra, which is a 50 minute practice that takes you deep into your own subconsciousness (although you are not asleep) and works to reset your nervous system, taking it away from the fight or flight response and closer to the inner calm necessary for optimal health. You can practice Yoga Nidra easily. There are several recordings available and some Yoga studios and schools offer it as a class. There is no reason to avoid the stillness. If you would like to live a long, happy and healthy life, stillness and relaxation become necessities. OM Shanti.