These classes are available every week and fees are pay-what-you-can. Pay-what-you-can does not mean free. Pay-What-You-Can allows students to support the ashram according to their ability and intention, with no questions asked and with no judgments. Some people will pay less, some will pay more. If you can not pay anything then we ask that you donate an hour of your time in service at the ashram. Please note your contributions are what allow us to avoid setting rates for classes. We suggest a minimum of $10 per class, but again, it is completely up to you. We prefer cash or checks so to avoid credit card fees.

Please dress comfortably, arrive a few minutes early, turn your cell phone off, and no perfumes or loud talking please.

Students should have some experience before attending an Intermediate level class.

We suggest new students visit our Foundational Practice first if possible so you can become familiar with our approach.

Now you can make your donation before you even arrive! You can also make special contributions to the Ashram right here. Donate daily, weekly, monthly... arrange your own special offering and support the good work of healing through unity.

Thank you for supporting the Ashram.

10:00am Gentle Yoga & Meditation
6:00pm Adaptive Yoga (chair or floor)
7:30pm Community & Lifestyle Innovation Program (March 9th & 23rd only)

7:30am Yoga Intermediate Level 1
6:00pm Gentle Yoga w/Mantra & Meditation

10:30am Gentle Yoga w/Mantra & Meditation
6:00pm Kirtan (devotional chanting)
7:30pm Tai Chi

7:30am Yoga: A Foundational Practice for Newer Students
6:00pm Yoga for Your Fascia (Hip Openers)

6:00pm Restorative Yoga

8:30am Yoga for Your Fascia (Hip Openers)
 Yoga: A Foundational Practice for Newer Students

9:00am Yoga Intermediate Level 1 (some experience suggested)
12:30pm Community Lunch (please message us to reserve your spot)