WE ARE CLOSED SUNDAY 1/13/19. no class will be held. stay safe and warm.



These classes are available every week and fees are by donation unless otherwise noted. If you cannot make a monetary donation, then we ask that you donate an hour of your time in service at the Ashram. Please note your contributions are what allow us to avoid setting rates for classes.  Suggested donation is $10 per class and per meal.  We prefer cash or checks so to avoid credit card fees but we do have a PayPal portal available at the front office.

Please dress comfortably, arrive a few minutes early, turn your cell phone off,

and no perfumes or loud talking please.

Students should have some experience before attending an Intermediate level class.

Now you can make your donation before you even arrive!

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Thank you for supporting your Ashram.




When planning to come to class:

* pre-register online if possible

* do not eat for at least 1 hour, preferably 2 hours prior

* avoid heavy perfumes

* bring a reusable water container ~ please note: we do not sell bottled water, but we welcome students to fill their own reusable water bottles at the cooler on a donation basis i.e. drop spare coinage in the piggy bank...

Upon entering the yoga school please:

turn cell phones off/leave cell phone in the car
practice ahimsa
arrive 10 minutes early
remove your shoes
leave the "drama" outside
no cursing please
no gossip
remember yoga is not a competition
speak quietly
speak kindly
be patient
sit quietly and wait for class to start
quietly inform the instructor about current health issues or injuries
if there are any issues please speak with Sudha or Casey "Jaya"