Kula Kamala Foundation is currently providing an 8 month program in Yoga & Yoga Therapy at the Amanda Stout Elementary School in Reading PA. The population served by Amanda Stout Elementary is categorized as 100% economically disadvantaged with 95% of the student body being minorities, and with the entire school population eligible for free lunches. The Amanda Stout Elementary School supports over 900 children. Our Foundation is currently serving about 60 of those children.

These kids have an amazing administration working on their behalf. Their principal is awesome and creative, their teachers are dedicated, but no matter how much dedication is there, the budget is not and so the kids have to depend much of the time on outside agencies to bring in special programs. Programs like Yoga, which can benefit them greatly in this life.

Yes, Yoga will definitely benefit these children. From a philosophy of non-harming to self-acceptance, from physical strength and moral courage to community involvement and humble respectfulness, Yoga teaches via experience, these and other qualities that will support the life journey these amazing kids are taking. They live in a limited resource area. They have less than most. They are not however lost. Yet.

Our program ran for three successful years at Ocean Academy on Bayville New Jersey. Research we conducted during those three years indicated that the children taking part in the program experienced a better overall involvement in school and at home. There were also indications that the lessons touched students who were not in the program. That the lessons and behavioral re-patterning diffused throughout the school due to student interaction.

Perhaps we can work together to support balance and wellness as a regular part of childhood. Your donations will help us expand our program to meet the needs of all the children of Amanda Stout and beyond. Please consider making a contribution to our Foundation today.
If you belong to an organization, school or agency and would like to work with us please call our office at 484-509-5073.