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with Sudha Mataji

Date: Sept 21-23, 2018  Goddess Akhilandeshwari. She who is never not broken.


Dec 7-9, 2018 Radha, Tulsi & Ganga. The Power of Love.


Divine Feminine Retreat Series 2018

Come learn about this amazing Goddess, Akhilandeshwari, the goddess whose vehicle is the crocodile, and whose greatest gift to us is to know the truth of our brokenness and the potential of our own healing. Devi Ahkilandeshwari is a very intense goddess. Her wisdom is not for the faint of heart. She is the goddess that is never not broken. She is the one who is not afraid of her own suffering and who is not afraid of her own healing. Her divine teachings include the wisdom that a great potential awakening comes from the wisdom we uncover in our own suffering and healing. Akhilandeshwari guides us deep into that so that we can extract the gifts that lay waiting for us. This weekend will be a unique combination of empowering practices such as mindfulness, meditation, chanting, storytelling, discussions, yoga, and so much more. If you are the type of person who enjoys exploring the deeper meaning than this retreat is perfect for you. If you were going through the personal crisis where am your feel disconnected to your path and purpose this retreat is a necessity.


About your retreat instructor Sudha Mataji.
Sudha is the co-founder and primary teacher of Kula Kamala Foundation, a 501c3 public charity. She is a YogaAcharya, C-IAYT, and a 500E-RYT registered with Yoga Alliance. She began practicing yoga in her early twenties and has found it to be a continually transformative, reaffirming and uplifting lifestyle, one which continues to help her integrate and connect more deeply. With well over 3000 hours of advanced study in Yoga and its adjuncts, Sudha authored and directs 200YTT, 300YTT, 870PYT, two hospital based Yoga Therapy programs, in addition to other specialty training curriculum such as Goddess Based Wisdom and Tantra as a Practical Healing Methodology. For over 10 years, she has worked with abused and neglected children, at-risk teens, women in crisis, and individuals seeking spiritual clarity in their life and relationships. Sudha's experience and knowledge as a teacher, guide and advisor are grounded in decades of education, application, experience, and research. Personally and professionally, Sudha abides in principals and guidelines that are grounded in non-harming, empathy and compassionate discipline. In addition to her skill and education in Yoga and Yoga Therapy, Sudha holds a PhD in Anthropology (expertise Biological Anthropology) and has held the position of Professor of Yoga and Meditation (Georgian Court University) and Professor of Cultural and Evolutionary Anthropology (Temple University and Monmouth University). She has published scholarly articles on ancient diet and it's relationship to health, disease, gender issues, and socio-political issues.



Return to the Root of Yoga with Swamiji

Suggested Donation $25 per session per person

Overnight accommodations available at $69 per person per night ~ contact ashram at 484-509-5073



The Kula Kamala Foundation & Yoga Ashram is delighted to announce that Swami Adhyatmanandaji (Swamiji) will be visiting and providing spiritual teachings during his stay. Join Swamiji for a journey into the wisdom of four important ancient scriptures of Yoga. These teaching expound upon the meaning of spirituality and the essence of the Self, the dilemma of death and dying, the essence of the pranava OM, and the path to resolving our suffering and awakening to who we really are.


Thursday September 27th @ 6:30 PM: Kena Upanishad
Friday September 28th @ 6:30 PM: Katha Upanishad
Sunday September 30th @ 6:30 PM: Mandukya Upanishad
Monday October 1st @ 6:30 PM: Bhagavad Gita


All are welcome!! Each of the 4 sessions are by donation. Suggested donation per session is $25 and all donations will directly support Swamiji's Ashram in India (501c3). Please make checks payable to DJSS.








Dates: October 5-7, 2018

Cost:$300 per person, includes dormitory accommodations and meals


Mindfulness (noun)
1. the quality or state of being conscious or aware of something.
2. a mental state achieved by focusing one's awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one's feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations, used as a therapeutic technique.


Jenn and Kevin have been sharing their love for yoga for over 20 years. Come join them as they guide you through a weekend of mindfulness.


• Experience the power of community through a lead sharing circle
• Learn meditation and breathing techniques to calm the mind and reduce stress
• Explore the power of mindfulness while walking/hiking
• Enjoy some gentle, accessible yoga and breath exercises to renew and reinvigorate the body






Wheel Yoga Certification Course

Facilitator: Louisa Rodriguez-Diaz LMT, CPT, Reiki MT E-RYT200/RYT500, PYT practitioner,

Bodywork specialist and Sports therapy

Date: October 27, 2018

Cost: $245 without accommodations

$314 with dormitory accommodations

Yoga Wheel Certification


Schedule of the day
9AM-12PM - Flexibilities and contraindications.

Lunch Break

1PM-4PM Yoga wheel sequencing, strengthening techniques, inversion preps, modifications .

The Yoga wheel is a flexibility device and yoga prop that may assist in alignment in a individual's yoga practice. As well as, creating space specifically in the spinal muscles, chest, and shoulders allowing the body to go deeper while keeping alignment and gaining flexibility. Also, helping to let go of physical tensions and develop self-awareness. The wheel also integrates core exercise and strengthening techniques. In this course you will learn flexibilities, yoga sequencing, strengthening, Inversions, yoga assist modifications and contradictions.
6 contact CEU hours from Yoga Alliance
*For non-RYTs yoga wheel basics certificate can be offered. 6 hours in total

Overnight Accommodations available cost - $69$ (breakfast included)