Way of the Sacred Feminine

w/Sharon Silverstein & Deva Vidya

This workshop aims to awaken the Divine Feminine energy within the participant while accessing their innate wisdom and power. It will ignite their inner wisdom and reverence to honor themselves and all life as sacred which in turn creates deeper, stronger more sustainable relationships with themselves, others and the environment.

This workshop includes:
• Primal movements that aim to ground, center and connect with the Earth and our own bodies.
• Guided visualization (Shamanic Journey) that brings the participant into relationship and experience with the Divine Feminine energy.
• Sacred songs and sounds; encouraging the participant to open her voice and create sound vibration that aligns with the Divine Feminine energy.
• A circle of sacred sisterhood that provides a safe container to share their thoughts, questions and visions while receiving and giving wisdom, healing and support.


February 18th at 3pm (2-hour workshop) and 6pm (kirtan)

May 20th at 3pm (2-hour workshop) and 6pm (kirtan)


$25.00 for a 2 hour workshop

Followed by “Way of the Sacred Feminine;
Sacred Song” (kirtan) by Love Donation

More info about the artists

Way of the Sacred at www.WayOfTheSacred.com

Sharon Siverstein at www.SharonSilverstein.com

Deva Vidya at www.Deva-Vidya.com

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KIRTAN ~ $10 suggested donation Please be prepared to make a donation for the kirtan at the event.