SEPT 30 - OCT 2, 2016


Thai Yoga Massage is an ancient healing art rooted in the practice of metta (loving kindness) which combines yoga asana, acupressure and meditation to restore and harmonize the body and mind. It relieves muscle and joint tension, frees energetic blockages and leaves the receiver relaxed and revitalized. Sometimes referred to as the lazy man’s yoga, Thai bodywork takes place fully clothed and without oils. It works the entire body focusing on the sen lines and creates a flowing dance between the giver and the receiver.

$220 existing students
$235 new students
(includes room & board)

Are you interested in learning Thai Yoga Massage?

Do you want to begin, renew or expand your practice?

You're invited to join Jeanette Sealy for this very special weekend where we will explore this ancient art of nurturing, kindness and healing and learn how it can help eliminate pain, restore balance and enhance peace of Mind.

Come be
deeply inspired,
truly nourished &
holistically restored
in this amazing offering.

Begins with dinner Fri Sept 30 @ 5pm - ends after lunch Sun Oct 2 @ 1:30pm

Fee includes Program Tuition, room & Board
vegan/vegetarian/gluten free meals, dinner Friday; 2 healthy meals Saturday, lunch Sunday, and snacks
Dormitory accommodations

Attendance at this event = $100 Discount on a Full Level 1 Thai Yoga Training. Training must be taken within 1 year of this event & only at Kula Kamala Ashram to receive the discount

Teaching Tools & Techniques For a Healthier Happier Life



What are people saying about their experience at Kula Kamala Ashram?

Dearest Sudha and Ed, As we neared the Ashram , driving the rolling country roads, I felt my shoulders relax, my heart lighten and a joyful anticipation begin to grow . Then we arrived at the Ashram and I let out a full sigh, release , letting go. Walking into the welcoming Kula Ashram the journey of transforming love and light began!! Thank you so very much for an amazing experience!! The food was soooo good! The rooms so comfy and inviting!! The meditation room, the yoga room, cafeteria....beautiful. Everyone on staff was so helpful, kind , friendly. Honestly, it felt like a coming home. The yoga practices skillful, the lectures inspiring, the Kirtan opened heart and spirit in a community of people committed to awakening opening heart of acceptance to community. Thank you, thank you..Namaste....can't wait to return. (Debi Aranyani Heptig)

As we got closer to arriving at the Ashram, the smell of the air shifted, filling the car with the beautiful fragrance of fresh cut grass as we drive through the farmlands during sunset. This feeling of being where you're supposed to be set the precedence for the rest of the stay. The arrival was welcomed with open arms, as Sudha and Ed led us through the ashram, and it was brilliant to see the transformation that has taken place here. It would be hard not to leave here inspired after breathing in the genius artwork portrayed all throughout the hallways and practice spaces, to the most amazing vegetarian foods cooked on premises to satisfy every taste bud. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to practice in Durga's Garden, share laughter with the other amazing yogis, and make space within myself for the ever growing potential that we all carry and that the ashram truly lets shine. Om shanti. Namaste (Kate D.)

I feel completely restored and inspired after staying at the ashram. Sudha and Ed have painted a beautiful reality. It made me realize that all is possible. The food is amazing, and you just feel at peace. I came home feeling creative, rejuvenated, and ready to follow my heart. Thank you!!! I have been cooking some of the delicious food- trying to recreate the experience for my family. I love love love it there. And mermaid pose was an unexpected bonus- never thought my body would do that after 17 years of practice! All is possible!!! (Kristy V.)