Spiritual Counsel

$75 per session
Spiritual counsel is a meaning discussion of the ways in which the tenants of compassion, faith and devotion can bring to life a healing experience given a person's particular life experiences. Spiritual counsel is a potent tool to address the echoes of past and/or present life circumstances and empower ones self to move forward with mindful resolve. Spiritual counsel is non-denominational, universal and appropriate for all people from all pathways of life.

Yoga Therapy

$75 per 60 minute session

What is Yoga? Yoga is the experience of inner peace and integration. Yoga is also a science that offers a series of techniques (postures, breathing techniques, relaxation, concentration, meditation, lifestyle adjustments) that when mindfully practiced lead to the accomplishment of that experience. Anyone can practice and experience Yoga.

What is Yoga Therapy? Yoga Therapy is the process of empowering the individual to experience greater health, happiness and more significant overall integration with self and life through the specialized and individualized application of the techniques and philosophy of Yoga. Yoga Therapy is an adjunct to other health and mental health care modalities and is not intended to replace them. The specialized application of Yoga Therapy is scientifically shown to support a number of experiences including, but not limited to:

* increased awareness of physical sensations, feelings and tendencies
* increased ability to positively adapt to situations and feelings
* increased willingness to experience wellness
* decrease in negative mindset, negative thoughts and negative patterns
* decrease in criticism of self and others
* decrease in stress and anxiety
* greater acceptance of life situations
* greater compassion for self and others
* greater patience with self and others
* greater control of emotions
* greater involvement in life
* greater happiness and overall quality of life

Ayurveda Lifestyle Counseling

$75 per 60 min session

Ayurveda is defined as the "science of life". It may be more accurately defined as the "science of living". Yoga is considered a spiritual wellness practice and Ayurveda is considered an organizing lifestyle practice, which supports the experience of health, happiness and Yoga. An Ayurvedic consult may include an assessment of  an individual’s constitutional type (dosha) and determine the state of any imbalance (vikriti) and any qalities that may be promoting suffering. Assessment looks also at the current function of fire (Agni), waste (Ama), diet, and daily & seasonal regimens (Dinacarya & Ritucharya). There is not a part of life that Ayurveda does not address. The health of our worldly relationships depends on the health of our relationship to our Self. Ayurveda strengthens and supports that inner relationship.