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Welcome To Kula Kamala Foundation

Kula Kamala Foundation is an educational and philanthropic movement dedicated to the healing of all beings everywhere. Our educational programs serve professionals and the general public. We integrate Yoga, Yoga Therapy and a broad range of holistic approaches into our programs, many of which result in Professional Certification. Our Yoga Teacher Training programs are accredited through Yoga Alliance at the 200 and 300 hour levels and our 870 hours Professional Yoga Therapist Certification program is accredited through the International Association of Yoga Therapists. We are one of only 20 schools of Yoga Therapy worldwide to have their program accredited by IAYT. We also provide holistic ministries and a variety of programs that support the experience of a happier, healthier more integrated life.

In addition to our educational programs, we provide Yoga Therapy services for special needs populations. Our work takes us into hospitals, schools, military bases,

Without support from the community at large it becomes difficult, if not impossible to meet the growing demand for complementary wellness practices that address the needs of underserved and special needs populations. We work to grow our community of clients, practitioners, students and interested individuals.

Please support our work by making a donation directly (mail to Kula Kamala Foundation 17 Basket Rd. Reading PA 19606) and by registering and shopping through smile.amazon.org. It doesn't cost a thing but it could change everything.


An ashram is a spiritual school, situated in quiet and peaceful spaces, denoting a locus of activity centering on Yoga study and instruction. Yoga is unity. Yoga is healing. Yoga is living fully and healthfully.

Our seva (service) at the ashram includes a full schedule of BY DONATION classes, and tuition based professional trainings and workshops, as well as personal services such as Yoga Therapy, Thai Yoga, Ayurveda Lifestyle, and more. Programs are led by our in house faculty, as well as visiting local, regional and international teachers.

CLICK HERE FOR A VIRTUAL TOURS OF THE ASHRAM http://veergoggles.com/ashram/ Many thanks to VEER for their amazing gift to the ashram.

"I think you speak faster than I do (laughter) and that is the way the mind usually works. Its constantly in over-drive. Tons of stories. Tons of thoughts. Tons of ideas. Most of which are actually not high vibration. Most of which are full of doubt, full of self questioning, full of fear for many people. At one point when you came back on air you slowed down, and you started to talk at a pace that was calm and comfortable and that's what Yoga teaches us to do and that's what we are teaching the kids how to do is to bring their mind from a place that is high speed, that is full of thoughts that seem chaotic and out of control, and that cause impulsive behaviors and we are giving them tools to bring themselves into a place where they can think more calmly, behave more calmly and more rationally, and interact more appropriately with their community, whether that community be at school or at home or with friends." (Sudha during interview with Jeremy Grunin on WOBM on 2/3/16)




Click the above link and take a virtual tour of the ashram. A cool way to check us out before arriving. Impressive photography & videography. Many thanks and much love to VEER for their amazing gift to the ashram.



Photo Poster Big 2

(by Sudha Allitt 6/28/16)
Don't use words to harm.
Don't use words that promote harm.
Don't use words that trigger fear.
Understand your choice of words
can hit harder than your fist.
Be full in knowing you know little to nothing
of the depth of the pain of yourself.
How could you possibly know
the pain of another?
Don't use words that further avoid that knowing.
Be humble and soft.
Be healing for the world.
Be like peace.
Be peace.



Equanimity in Relationships

It is important to understand that you can not make everyone happy. It is best to simply bring equanimity to your relationships as best you can. Equanimity is based on non-harming. Non-harming of others and non-harming of yourself. That is a tricky balance. Sometimes people feel they are owed more than they are. Sometimes they feel they have been short changed in life or in a relationship. The basis of all such thought is the desire to feel important and the fear that we are not. The desire to feel right. To feel justified. Fear calls people to say untrue, cruel and thoughtless things and make unreasonable demands because there is a mistaken belief that if you get what you want it will be a means to finding happiness. This is not a balanced perspective. While we would like everyone to be "happy" the reality is they won't become happy on account of us or our actions, because you can not make them that way. It must come from inside of themselves, from their own sense of presence, appreciation, gratitude, compassion, contentment and sincere joy. So sometimes that means walking away from the drama. Not from the person. From the drama. Sometimes it means to stay and listen closely to what is actually being said and work to respond in a balanced neutral way. Rarely does it mean to stand your ground with aggression. Never does it mean harm out of anger, disappointment or grudge... Live a life that is insightful. Be inquisitive of your own nature and then be a kinder person. Not a doormat, a kinder person... less reaction, more compassion. There are enough bullies and hatemongers in the world. Start a new trend... or just re-invigorate an ancient one... Love.


Patanjali Sutra 1.2

PYS 1.2 Yogas Chitta Vritti Nirodhah

Yoga is the cessation of the mindstuff.

This sutra by Patanjali explains completely what Yoga is. It is not anything you do, not in the largest sense of the word. It is not the moment by moment attempts to live a satisfying life. It is not the struggle to stand on your head or achieve the perfect chaturanga. It is not even the random acts of kindness you commit. Yoga is a balanced quality of mind, which each of us has the potential to carry while engaged in living the particular life you are living. No matter what comes your way. No matter the attainment or the loss you experience. Yoga is the balanced or pure quality of the mind that opens the heart to serving, surrendering and knowing one's own unity with the Divine and with all beings everywhere.

Buddha and many other great teachers have said "humans suffer." It is true. That is what we do. The quality of our suffering is extrapolated one-thousand fold due to the tendency of the mind to replay, rehash and resort to the "story" we carry.

Patanjali's Sutra 1.2 explains that the true Yoga exists only when the mind is peaceful. Not necessarily empty, but peaceful, unfluctuating, not irritated, not caught up in retelling the story...

Not easy. And that is okay because we are not meant to be perfect in that way. Our life is a series of struggles, on purpose, so we can re-discover the method to resolving our actions, one at a time, until we make peace with all we have done and not done. Until we make peace with ourselves. It is only then that we will be able to truly be at peace with all others, including the "others" whose names currently fill our storybooks with details and dramas...

Yoga is the cessation of the mindstuff.

Learn more about Patanjali and his words of wisdom. He didn't stop at the simple definition of Yoga found in Sutra 1.2. He goes on to explain to the interested student just how to achieve that state of peace.

SUNDAYS @ 9:30am
by donation
suggested donation $10

300YTT starts on June 1st. Have you submitted your application? Contact us for more info at study@kulakamalafoundation.org or call us at 484-509-5073


What are professionals and organizations saying about the work of Kula Kamala Foundation?

I cannot speak highly enough of the work that the foundation does.  As someone who has witnessed the contributions some clients have made, and the benefits others have gleaned, I can say that The Kula Kamala Foundation is a community organization that truly connects people in a very meaningful way. My hope is that support and recognition grows to allow the foundation to reach it’s true potential."

Patricia West-Low, PT, MA, DT, PCS, Children's Specialized Hospital

Ocean Partnership for Children and the Kula Kamala Foundation have enjoyed a successful partnership in helping troubled children for many years. For children with mental health struggles, behavioral challenges and developmental delays, the practice of yoga, therapeutic yoga, mindfulness and stress reduction programs provided by the Foundation are an important tool in helping those children succeed at home and stay in school and in the community. The Kula Kamala Foundation so often makes that difference in the life of a child that breaks the cycle of failure and leads to a child finally experiencing success, mastery and fulfillment.

Mary Jo Buchanan, LCSW, MPA, Chief Executive Officer
Ocean Partnership for Children