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Dad 2


Edward David Allitt “RamaChandra”
12/19/59 - 11/23/18


It is with broken hearts that we share the news of Ed RamaChandra’s passing. 


Ed passed quietly in his sleep at about 5am the morning of November 23, 2018. 


Ed was diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer nearly five years ago. He used nutrition, homeopathy, ayurveda, and other holistic approaches in addition to conventional chemotherapy protocols in order to keep the disease at bay. Initially expected to survive less than a year, Ed enjoyed five beautiful years of life as a result of the combined efforts of his medical care and holistic care teams, as well as the love and support of his family and community.


Ed is the co-founder of Kula Kamala Foundation & Yoga Ashram, where he compassionately served the community alongside his wife of 24 years, Sudha Mataji. Together they envisioned and worked to realize a world with more peace and less harm, more love and less hate, more unity and less divisiveness.


Ed held academic degrees in Electrical Engineering and Architecture. He was a recipient of honors and awards for his work with the United States government.


In 2008, Ed became a yoga instructor and began teaching alongside his wife. Ed earned numerous certificates in yoga studies and yoga therapy and became known for his compassionate straightforward teaching and wisdom. Many of his students have shared that his words helped them connect with their own heart and with the heart of their community.


Ed leaves behind his wife, Sudha Mataji, their son Jay McCallen (35) and his wife Jackie (31), their daughter Casey Bertolami (37) and two grandchildren Christopher (10) and Alaina (4).


Ed’s beloved extended family includes his niece Kathy Koch Howarth and nephew Robert Cavaliere, and his brother-in-law Alan Koch, who raised him after Ed’s father and mother passed away.


Ed is predeceased by his sister Danea Koch and both of his parents James Smith Allitt and Anna V. Chundak.


Ed was an incredible person with a compassionate heart. His friendship extended to everyone who crossed his path. He was and remains an important influence for those who know him and for his students.


Ed believed death to be as meaningful as life and so he donated his body to science, in the hopes that researchers might find more information about colon cancer that will help future patients.


In lieu of flowers, Ed requested that donations be made to the Kula Kamala Foundation (501c3) in his name. The Foundation and its mission were his life’s true calling. Nothing gave him greater peace than to know the Foundation and the Ashram will live on after his passing and continue to touch lives and heal.


Thank you to Louisa for this stunning picture that she captured of Ed and the sun setting at the Pagoda in Reading. He has always been one with the light.


To make a donation to the Foundation in Ed's honor please click here DONATE

For information about the Celebration of Life to be held at the Ashram on December 19th please click here Celebration of Life



Welcome To Kula Kamala Foundation & Yoga Ashram


Kula Kamala Foundation is a non-profit non-sectarian spiritual center. We model an educational and philanthropic movement dedicated to non-violence, unity and healing. Our educational programs serve the general public and professionals from all walks of life. We integrate Yoga, Yoga Therapy, Mantra, Meditation, Kindness, Ritual, Reiki, Massage, Creativity, and a broad range of holistic approaches into our programs. We also offer several Professional Certifications. No matter who you are, we have something special to offer you. OM. Peace.


We conduct 200 hour Professional Yoga Teacher Training, 300 hour Level 1 Yoga Therapy Training and an 870 hour Professional Yoga Therapist Certification program. Our 870 hour program is accredited through the International Association of Yoga Therapists. We were one of the first 20 schools of Yoga Therapy worldwide to have their program accredited by IAYT. We also provide a spiritual leadership training program, holistic ministries and a variety of courses and services that support the experience of a happier, healthier more integrated life. Our Yoga Therapy services support medical, mental and emotional health and special needs populations. Our work begins at the ashram, but also takes us into hospitals, schools, military bases, and to anyone interested to live a happier healthier life.


Without support from the community at large it becomes difficult, if not impossible to meet the growing demand for complementary wellness practices that address the needs of under-served and special needs populations. We work to grow our community of clients, practitioners, students and interested individuals.

Please support our work by making a donation directly (mail to Kula Kamala Foundation 17 Basket Rd. Reading PA 19606) and by registering and shopping through smile.amazon.org. It doesn't cost a thing but it could change everything.


What is an Ashram?


An ashram is a spiritual school, situated in quiet and peaceful spaces, denoting a locus of activity centering on Yoga study and instruction. Yoga is unity. Yoga is healing. Yoga is living fully and healthfully.


Our seva (service) at the ashram includes a full schedule of BY DONATION classes, and tuition based professional trainings and workshops, as well as personal services such as Yoga Therapy, Spiritual Counseling, Massage, Ayurveda Lifestyle, and more. Programs are led by our in house faculty, as well as visiting local, regional and international teachers.


CLICK HERE FOR A VIRTUAL TOURS OF THE ASHRAM: http://veergoggles.com/ashram/ Many thanks to VEER for their amazing gift to the ashram.


"I think you speak faster than I do (laughter) and that is the way the mind usually works. Its constantly in over-drive. Tons of stories. Tons of thoughts. Tons of ideas. Most of which are actually not high vibration. Most of which are full of doubt, full of self questioning, full of fear for many people. At one point when you came back on air you slowed down, and you started to talk at a pace that was calm and comfortable and that's what Yoga teaches us to do and that's what we are teaching the kids how to do is to bring their mind from a place that is high speed, that is full of thoughts that seem chaotic and out of control, and that cause impulsive behaviors and we are giving them tools to bring themselves into a place where they can think more calmly, behave more calmly and more rationally, and interact more appropriately with their community, whether that community be at school or at home or with friends." (Sudha during interview with Jeremy Grunin on WOBM on 2/3/16)


What are professionals saying about the work of Kula Kamala Foundation & Yoga Ashram?

I cannot speak highly enough of the work that the foundation does.  As someone who has witnessed the contributions some clients have made, and the benefits others have gleaned, I can say that The Kula Kamala Foundation is a community organization that truly connects people in a very meaningful way. My hope is that support and recognition grows to allow the foundation to reach it’s true potential."

Patricia West-Low, PT, MA, DT, PCS, Children's Specialized Hospital

Ocean Partnership for Children and the Kula Kamala Foundation have enjoyed a successful partnership in helping troubled children for many years. For children with mental health struggles, behavioral challenges and developmental delays, the practice of yoga, therapeutic yoga, mindfulness and stress reduction programs provided by the Foundation are an important tool in helping those children succeed at home and stay in school and in the community. The Kula Kamala Foundation so often makes that difference in the life of a child that breaks the cycle of failure and leads to a child finally experiencing success, mastery and fulfillment.

Mary Jo Buchanan, LCSW, MPA, Chief Executive Officer
Ocean Partnership for Children