a pay-what-you-can fine & nutritious food experience
(effective 11/30/2018)

Wednesdays Dinner 5:00pm - 6:00pm

Stay after dinner for our scheduled Kirtan or Tai Chi classes starting at 6pm!

Saturdays & Sundays Brunch at 10am - 1pm

Marry your meal with one of our scheduled Yoga classes for a compete experience of physical and spiritual nourishment!!!



Good clean healthy food is the key to wellness. If people don't have healthy food available (as well as clean air and water) life becomes burdened with issues ranging from malnutrition to stress and fear. Illnesses, like diabetes and heart disease, become prominent in society in part due to consumption of foods with little nutritional value, too much sugar and pesticide residues just to name a few. Additionally, there is a growing number of unnecessary allergies brought about by too heavily depending on too few low value food sources. If we look at the low quality of foods being pushed through our system it becomes obvious that greater access to better choices is needed.

Not everyone experiences financial stability in this life. We feel money should not be the deciding factor in availability of healthy delicious food. We choose to invest in you and your wellness. We hope you will too! Pay-What-You-Can allows people to support the ashram according to their ability and intention, with no questions asked and with no judgments. Pay-what-you-can does not mean free. Some people will pay less, some will pay more. If a monetary donation is not possible then one hour of service at the ashram is an expected alternative. We always have projects that needs a little loving attention. Please note your contributions are what allow us to avoid setting rates for meals and classes. We suggest a minimum of $10 per meal, but again, it is completely up to you. We do prefer cash or checks so to avoid credit card fees.

We understand that our society is only as healthy as we are. The pay-what-you-can cafe' is open to everyone. We serve all people, no matter their cultural-socio-gender-economic status. Through the kindness-based preparation and service of whole, real and healthy food, we are feeding, nourishing and integrating ourselves & others. Together, we are becoming healthy people manifesting a healthier society.
If you are searching for a great way to give back to your community, this is it. Come enjoy a meal, make a donation and know that your donation supports our programs, the cafe' and our service. If you are able, please give generously so we can empower as many as possible to eat well, live well and be well.

All meals at the ashram are predominantly vegan with vegetarian options, whole food based, organic when possible, always gluten free, and forever made and served with loving kindness.

Kula Kamala Foundation practices sustainable, chemical pesticide free gardening, using organic seeds and predominantly uses the Hugelkultur method. Hugelkultur is an environmentally friendly mound cropping method that produces an abundance of wholesome veggies and fruits. In 2017 we are doubling the size of the Hugelkultur. We are also in the process of developing indoor gardens utilizing traditional box methods and we are investigating hydroponics. By having both in- and out-door gardens, and through generous donations from like-minded people and organizations, such as B&H Organics, who donate to the Cafe' mission, we will be able to sustain our offerings throughout the year and grow to reach more people who are hungry.

gardensGarden Picked13557849_10209883619784137_1349907696172959449_nGarden Image

Please note that we deeply appreciate financial donations and volunteerism, however we do not accept unsolicited donations of food or compost. Thank you for supporting our dedication to pure food, pure love, pure devotion, and ahimsa (non-violence & non-harming).

Please visit our friends in peace & health, B & H Organics, and support their amazing farm!

Kula Kamala Ashram coordinates and cooperates with other local and regional organizations, agencies and groups to empower health and wellness. We are currently partnering with the City Lights Ministries in Reading to provide 20+ meals per week. In 2017 we have also worked with Reading Coalition to End Homelessness providing hot meals and ready to eat food packages to home-free individuals in Berks County. In 2016, we provided 1/2 the food grown in our organic gardens to the Greater Berks Food Bank, and we worked cooperatively with the Reading Area Peace Kitchen in hosting the 7th annual Peace & Love March, an event intended to elevate the vibration of Reading and provide food to those who are hungry.